Drone Business
Magnesium alloy chassis

Technology for light weight and durability

Magnesium alloy is the lightest practical metal having specific gravity of 1.7 with good machinability and manufacturability

FEM analysis for highly rigid frame
Highly durable motor/ESC made in Japan

Dedicatedly designed light weight motor made of magnesium alloy aluminum winding cleared more than 1000 hours endurance test

Integrated magnesium alloy arm with ESC

Dedicatedly developed ESC is built in the magnesium alloy arm and effectively cooled by the rotor downwash (PAT)

Industrial hybrid drone

No vibration engine technology enabling long time flight

Parallel hybrid drone (payload 50kg, flight time 2 hrs)

Series hybrid drone (payload 3kg, flight time 3 hrs)
(payload 10kg, flight time 1hr)