Heat Exchanger Design/ Development    
    Type: Shell & Tube Plate    
      Drawn-cup Fin & Tube    

  Development of Thermally Driven Energy System
    Low Temp Utilization Organic Rankine Cycle
      Carina Cycle
      Bottoming Cycle
    Solar/ Ground Heat Utilization

  Process Control Engineering
    Printed Circuit Board Design/ Proto PCB
    Control Technology Development
     Algorhythm Development (Feedback PID, Feedforward etc.)
    Control Flow
     "C"Software Coding
    Various Sensor Development

  Computer Aided Engineering
    Finite Element Method for Stress Analysis
    Finite Element Method for Heat Transfer

  Major Research
    2KW Electric Dynamometer Helium Leak Detector    
    Thermal Measurement System CAD Workstation    

Business Area

・Heat Exchanger Design/ Development

・Development of Thermally Driven Energy

・Process Control Engineering

・Computer Aided Engineering