Memorable words
    3/30 The fourth time of blog update has come around, and it’s my turn to write something. Following my colleague HY’s “proverb of wisdom” of one previous from the last time, I want to write about my memorable words.

Julius Caesar, the greatest hero of ancient Rome, once said:
“People willingly believe what they want to believe”
He made this cutting remark when he won a sweeping victory by luring his enemy with clever psychological operations. Because of his keen insight into human nature and condensed expression, it is one of the most impressive quotes for me.

According to Shiono Nanami, a Japanese authoress, it means that “Not everyone can see all of the reality. Most people only see the reality which they want to see”. Human beings tend to see things with eyes clouded by preconceptions which originate from their wishes and desires, or from their fears and anxieties.

In that sense, the quote teaches us to face the facts in front of us without prejudice or imagination. In it, I find something common with the principle of three actuals: “actual site, actual thing and actual situation” which Honda Soichiro, the founder of Honda, advocated two thousand years after Caesar. As an engineer involving in research and development, I would like to regard the words for myself-discipline.

Caesar’s words in original:
Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt
    Kindest regards, -HK-
  Cherry Blossoms
    2/28 We, Japanese people love Cherry Blossoms probably more than any others.
You can definitely count me as one of them.

Cherry Blossoms have both the fragile beauty and gracefulness.
Many are attracted by a short lived beauty of these flowers.

Spring is the season for many flowers to blossom.
I wonder why I am so attracted by soft and rather conservative beauty of
Cherry Blossoms.

Coincidentally, I happened to find a particular Cherry Blossom tree I find most attractive which I came across years ago in Akagi Mountain area.
To my regret, I can not recall exactly where it was located. Though, I have tried to look for it, I have not yet found it. Only clue I have is that it is among  the trees of Akagi Mountain.

Once I have tried very hard to look for it and I was almost lost in the woods. Since then, I have given up looking for it.

Well, the Season of Cherry Blossoms is just around the corner and we will be hearing Cherry blossoms forecast in the news that reminds me again of the tree I miss.

    Kindest regards, -HY-
  Proverb of Wisdom
    1/20 Thanks to you all, a month has already passed since the start of this blog. We hope to renew a blog by a different staff every month, however, due to the time of year being the last month of year, the staff of research group is very busy which forced me to write again for this time.

To write a blog, the most difficult issue is to pick  a topic. Since this is not my personal blog which is more common, it is not really proper to pick a topic in the area of personal interest, nevertheless, it is wise to avoid something too serious.

After all, I decided to pick a topic to introduce a “proverb of wisdom”.

The proverb goes “ Every incident in life is just like Uncle Sai's horse”
The proverb tries to point out that in life, there are good side and bad side in life. When things are going well, one shouldn’t be blind from Happiness and when things are going bad, one shouldn’t be too disappointed.

I have learned this Proverb when I first started working after graduating from college and since then this is my  “proverb of wisdom”.

I have never disclose my age and the for readers, it may be difficult to imagine, however, even at my age of an experienced secretary, I still find it difficult to control myself accordingly to the proverb.

Nevertheless, I sometimes refer my behavior with this proverb when I am calm and it does guide me to the positive mentality. When I am happy though, I tend to enjoy the moment fullest. And it leaves me with a feeling of guilt if I am really following what proverb tells us.

I would like to be always positive regardless of everyday’s incidents.
Wishing you all, Happy New Year, I remain.

    Kindest regards, -HY-
  Starting Line 
    12/1 I feel a bit uptight because it is really the first attempt to upload our Homepage.
I would like, at first, to commemorate our first edition of IER homepage which serves also as a ditor’s note.

When I joined, we did not have our own Homepage because the company has newly established on last May and whenever we received a business enquiry, we had to explain our company through e-mails.

When we decided to create our own Web site, we investigated several ways to create the Homepage and decided to focus on the point to create our Web in shortest period.
We decided to keep the “Staff Blog” in our Global Menu which also has to do with the way we chose to create our homepage, nevertheless, it would be great if the reader finds it interesting and watches regularly.

Anyhow, the blog will be updated by our staff alternatively and we hope it will be of your interest to read a very distinctive comment by a unique individual.

      Kindest regards, -HY-

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